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Manufacturer Model Number Description Type Price
CES 805 DTMF Mike   $9
CES 4700VP Interconnect Less Schematic $16
CES 600L DTMF Mike   $9
CES 800-ML Scan Adap For Clegg   $8
CES ARI-100 ANI,Status Enc   $4
CES ARI-195E ANI,Status Con Less Schematic $19
CES ARI-51 CTCSS Encoder   $5
CES ARI-52 CTCSS Enc, Dec   $5
CES RM-10 Rptr Controller   $17
CES RM-20 Rptr Maker +   $25
CES VAD-1 Delay Module   $8
CES XRI-1500 Transceiver Less Schematic $7