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Manufacturer Model Number Description Type Price
Curtis 8043, -1, -2 Keyer Chip,Kit Brochure, Schematic $5
Curtis 8043,8044,-3,-4 Keyer Chip,Kit Brochure, Schematic, Application Notes $10
Curtis EK-420 C-Mos Deluxe Keyer Brochure, Specs Manual $3
Curtis EK-420A C-Mos Deluxe Keyer Operator Manual +schematic $8
Curtis EK-430 C-Mos Keyer Brochure $3
Curtis IK-440 InstructoKeyer Brochure $3
Curtis IK-440A InstructoKeyer Brochure $3
Curtis KB-4200 Music Keyboard Brochure $3
Curtis KM-420 CW Message Memory Operator Manual +schematic $8
Curtis Sys4000, S-100 CW,RTTY Term Brochure $3