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Manufacturer Model Number Description Type Price
Cushcraft 10-3CD, 10-4CD 10M Beam Antenna Assembly, Installation Manual $9
Cushcraft 12-4CD Skywalker 12M Beam Assembly Manual $7
Cushcraft 124WB Boomer 2 Meter Yagi Assembly, Installation Manual $8
Cushcraft 13B2 2M Beam Assembly Manual $10
Cushcraft 13B2N 2M Beam   $8
Cushcraft 15-3CD, 15-4CD Skywalker 3 or 4Ele 15M Beam Assembly Manual $9
Cushcraft 17B2 2M Beam   $8
Cushcraft 20-3CD, 20-4CD 20M 3,4Ele Beam Assembly, Install Manual $9
Cushcraft 20-4CD Skywalker 20M 4Ele Beam Assembly, Install $9
Cushcraft 215WB Antenna   $9
Cushcraft 220B Antenna   $14
Cushcraft 224WB Boomer Antenna   $8
Cushcraft 32-19 Boomer 2M Yagi Beam Assembly Manual $7
Cushcraft 40-2CD Antenna   $10
Cushcraft 416-TB Circular Polar   $8
Cushcraft 424B,410B Antenna   $9
Cushcraft 617-6B 6M Antenna Assembly Manual $7
Cushcraft 729B 435 Beam   $8
Cushcraft 738XB 432-438 Beam   $8
Cushcraft A14-2, A14-3 20M Beam Assembly $6
Cushcraft A144-10T,20T,... Twist Beam   $8
Cushcraft A144-20T 2M Twist Beam   $8
Cushcraft A144-7,11,... Beam   $4
Cushcraft A147-11,22,449-11 Beam   $4
Cushcraft Use A144-10T..     
Cushcraft A147-22 Antenna   $8
Cushcraft A147-4,11,22,... Beam   $9
Cushcraft Use A147-4...     
Cushcraft Use A147-4...     
Cushcraft Use A144-7...     
Cushcraft Use A147-4...     
Cushcraft A27010S 2M, 70CM Beam   $9
Cushcraft A28-4 Antenna   $8
Cushcraft A3 10,15,20m Beam Assembly Manual $10
Cushcraft A3WS 12M & 17M Beam Assembly Manual $9
Cushcraft ATB-34 4-El Beam Assembly Manual $15
Cushcraft A4 10,15,20m Beam Assembly Manual $10
Cushcraft A430-11S 70cm Yagi Antenna Assembly, Installation Manual $10
Cushcraft Use A144-10T..     
Cushcraft Use A147-4...     
Cushcraft A4S 4-El Beam   $14
Cushcraft A50-3, -5 Antenna   $9
Cushcraft A50-5S 6M 5Ele Beam   $7
Cushcraft AFM-4DA,24DA,44DA Antenna   $8
Cushcraft AP8 Powerwave 8Band Vertical Assembly Manual $7
Cushcraft AR-10 Ringo Antenna   $7
Cushcraft AR-2,220,450 Ringo Antenna   $6
Cushcraft AR-270 Antenna   $6
Cushcraft AR-2, 6, 25, 220, 450 Ringo Antenna Assembly Manual $6
Cushcraft ARX-2,220,450 Ringo Antenna   $6
Cushcraft ARX-2B,220B,450B Ringo RangerII   $8
Cushcraft ARX-2K AR to ARX Conversion Kit   $5
Cushcraft ATB-34 Antenna Assembly Manual $8
Cushcraft D3W 12,17,30M Dipole   $7
Cushcraft D40 40M Dipole   $5
Cushcraft DX-120 to 420 Antenna   $8
Cushcraft HS-1 Ham Stik Antenna   $8
Cushcraft Use A144-10T     
Cushcraft R3 10,15,20M Vertical   $7
Cushcraft R5 HF Vertical Assembly, Installtion Manual $9
Cushcraft R7 7Band Vertical   $9
Cushcraft R-7000 Antenna Assembly Manual $9
Cushcraft R8 40M-6M Verticl   $10
Cushcraft Ringo Ranger2 Antenna   $9
Cushcraft Use 20-4CD     
Cushcraft Use 40-2CD     
Cushcraft XM510 10M Beam   $10
Cushcraft XM515 15M Beam   $10
Cushcraft XM520 20M Beam   $10