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Manufacturer Model Number Description Type Price
Dyna FM-3 FM Tuner   $24
Dyna FMA-2 Insert Amp   $7
Dyna FMX-3 Multiplex Adap   $14
Dyna Mark IV Amplifier   $16
Dyna PAS-2,PAS-3 Stereo Preamplifier Assembly, Operator Manual +sch $18
Dyna PAS-2X, PAS-3X Stereo Preamp Assembly, Operator Manual +sch $18
Dyna Preamplifier Mono Preamp   $13
Dyna PS-1 Power Supply   $4
Dyna SCA-35 Stereo Amp   $19
Dyna Stereo 120 Stereo Amp   $22
Dyna Stereo 70 Stereo Amp Assembly Manual $20