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Manufacturer Model Number Description Type Price
Kay 1520 Swept Freq Generator Service Manual $46
Kay 156A Sweep Generator   $20
Kay Kilo-Sweep Oscillator Operator, Service Manual $25
Kay Mega-Node Sr. Noise Generator   $25
Kay Mega-Sweep 111A Sweep Generator   $25
Kay Microwv Mega-Node Noise Generator   $25
Kay P-860E Sweep Osc Plug Operator Manual +schematic $17
Kay Rada-Node Noise Measure   $25
Kay Rada-Sweep Sweep Generator   $25
Kay Rada-Sweep Sr Sweep Generator   $25
Kay Vari-Sweep 860E Sweep Generator Operator, Maint Manual +sch $25
Kay Vari-Swp Radar,IF Sweep Generator   $25