Vintage Manuals, Inc.

Our Manuals

  • We create and ship high quality reproductions of vintage equipment manuals.  Amateur Radio, Shortwave, Scanners, Audio Equipment and Test Equipment are featured.

  • We use only high quality bond paper and reproduce as near to the original as possible up to 11 x 17 fold out pages.  In many cases, these are more readable than the originals because they are not paper worn, "bent, spindled or mutilated".

  • All of our manuals are comb bound to lay flat and fold out as needed.  We print on two sides if the original was two sided and  extra copies of schematic pages are  included with Service Manuals.

  • We use Richoh MP6001 equipment to provide the best possible image reproduction.  Our half-tone photos look sharp and clear.

  • We typically ship the next business day, if we get lots of orders over a weekend, it may take an extra day.

  • Unless otherwise requested, we ship USPS priority mail or International Global Priority if available.

  • We provide the highest value.  You may get a "bargain" off the internet, but then you will need to print and bind it yourself.   If you want a finished product, of the highest quality, that comes to you ready to use, AND at a reasonable price, then W7FG Vintage Manuals is your solution.

  • We guarantee your satisfaction!

** The quality and condition of the original is always the limiting factor.  Our customers usually comment that our manuals are clearer and better than originals.  Some color PCB layouts may lose some detail in the translation to half-tone.

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