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K5NYT - Gene Tincher - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Active and neat station, plus a very nice person

W5NWX - Cecil Palmer - Waco, Texas

Super Neat Station

N0TE - Wayne - Burlington, Kansas

Super neat Equipment, and on the air it sounds SUPERB!

W0NKL - Jim - Prescott, Kansas

Inactive for years and collecting all the gear gone bye.

WD5BPP - Fred - Kingsbury, Texas

Neat Shack in the Middle of the Texas Hill county.

W0PW - Don - Neosho, Mo.

Perfect equipment, he can be found from 1.8 MHz. to 6+ GHz.

W7FG - of "Vintage Manuals, Inc."
Amateur Radio / Ham Radio has been a major part of our life since 1962, at Age 13.
Let me share with you a few of our Photos.

WA0ZHH - Chuck - Odessa, TX. OLD PHOTO

W5PYT's unused shack at the house


WG5M - Pat w/1939 Collins Transmitter

N5NW-Clay - Tulsa, OK. 1950's (w/Dandy)

W7FG Various Shacks/Rigs since 1962

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